March to April

28 03 2008

This is probably the most intellectually exhausting and academically stressful month in my life. Thank heavens April is almost here! Crossed fingers for better things to come.



18 03 2008

A million thanks to the million who wished me luck. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

The oral defense is over but there is work still. Maybe a few more days and I could finally celebrate. And I need to grow lost brain cells back. Pzzz.

Grateful Grapefruit Juice

11 03 2008

My thesis defense is scheduled on March 18, 1-4PM. Wow. Out of nowhere. And to think I was told yesterday I was not going to graduate this semester after missing the deadline by a week. Heavy work ahead though. A chapter, final edits and more bloody noses for a week still.

Thank you to all those who prayed. I feel incredibly wonderful. Chocolates and booze for everyone soon.


9 03 2008

Despite delusions of depth and pretenses to profundity, essentially I am shallow and easy to please. Having a photo taken with Jejomar, for instance, made me incredibly happy and excited.

Find the mayor.

Vice-mayor Saguin for three seconds.

Thesis update. The glacial progress (not my fault and totally out of my hands) is depressing me. I think I really deserve better.

The recent appearance of sunflower plants along the University Avenue is adding salt to injury. Ouch. I’ll treat everyone if I make it to the April 27 graduation, so please pray.