28 04 2008

Today, I gained another degree. Congratulations to Paula Peralejo and the centennial graduates!

Tomorrow, we leave for Morong and do field research for two weeks. Hello added ten pounds.

And on August, a small possibility of flying to Tunisia (Carthage, El Jem, the Sahara)!



25 04 2008

Immigration worries (in the Philippines!) aside, the Vietnam trip was probably my best. Vietnam is just across the South China Sea yet it feels like strangely on the opposite end of the world. We went to Halong Bay (white tourists overload but incredibly grand), Cat Ba (an island with a pleasant town and a relaxing trek within its national park), Perfume Pagoda (Buddhist pilgrims and women boat paddlers) and Hanoi (city of French-Chinese-Vietnamese fusion).

More photos here.

Five highlights during the five days:

5. Motorcycles. Swarms of Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, etc scooters all around. Crossing the street is a skill.

4. Shopping. Plenty of things to buy in Hanoi’s old streets.

3. Sights. Karst landscapes, Hanoi street life, quiet villages, touristy destinations, water everywhere!

2. Food. Noodles, vegetables, green things, seafood, baguette, mushroom tea, tofu, black coffee, cold beer, and plenty of rice.

1. People. Even though they can’t properly pronounce English words with ‘x’, the Vietnamese are awesomely lovely. We shared hours of interesting conversations with people we met along the way including a German satellite-engineer, a Vietnamese-American soldier and POW, two rare pleasant French tourists, and a woman from Tabaco, Albay.

Bia Hoi

20 04 2008

Vietnam is awesome. Hanoi is chaotic, crowded and charming. Ha Long Bay is Palawan x 100 + Chinese junks. Will most definitely come back here.


13 04 2008

Hopefully, next weekend I will be here…

April Fool

9 04 2008

Sadly, the 2 weeks in Lanuza, Surigao del Sur will not push through this summer. All my mental preparations for the plane ride to Butuan and the possibly exhausting 6-hour road trip to the isolated surfing town were for nothing. Instead, we’ll have Morong! Rizal! which on second thought is really not that bad.

When I submitted the bound copies of my thesis earlier, the various organ systems of my anatomy released a collective sigh of relief. Still, I meet the sight of budding University Ave sunflowers with cautious optimism.

I promise this will be the last mention of my thesis ever. The experience of formulating and completing the work (and all the things that went right and wrong along the way) is enough to make me lose sanity, regain it and then lose it again.