Jun and May

16 05 2008

Earlier, Trina and I lunched with Jun Ba, an old friend (in both meanings of the adjective, oy) who recently returned from New Jersey, and it made me nostalgic to hear him recount again anecdotes peppered with his trademark scandalizing humor (he still dislikes ugly people and he still shocks numeraries). While waiting for food to be served, he told us his GSIS misadventure and how a certain employee further contributed to the general inefficiency of the government office, and then he laid on the table and showed us five letters of complaints ready to be mailed to various government heads including, naturally, Her Excellency PGMA. Jun Ba is da coolest eva. Welcome back!

May is turning out to be awesome, more than making up for the hopelessness and pessimistic negativity of March. Now, if only the weather cooperated.