31 01 2009

Ten favorites of 2008:

Floating Vendor at Halong Bay, Vietnam

Lagoon at Anawangin, Zambales

Sidi Bou Said side street, Tunisia

El Jem Amphitheater, Tunisia

Temporary jetty at Caramoan, Camarines Sur

Honongan beach construction at Caramoan, Camarines Sur

Naga Seminary

Intramuros Wall

Binondo estero

UP Lantern Parade Fireworks

It struck me that there is hardly any person in the photos! I suck at photographing people.


Tori Therapy

29 01 2009

“If you want me you know where I am. I saw your arms in a dream and there were blue veins blue. Blue veins.” Belle and Sebastian, Simple Things

Too pretty and girly for a Tori song but soothing enough for any occasion.

Mood song of the day. Also, very appropriate for the present global banking troubles: “How do I get you a loan?”

Not Okay

28 01 2009

The three worst ways to start a year are to: (1) get sick and/or die; (2) get fired or get dumped; and (3) get depressed. Thankfully in my case it’s not the first two, so I guess I can’t really complain. But still, the last time I was emotionally in the red was exactly eight years ago, which eerily coincided with the last global recession. (The last last time happened during the ’97 Asian financial crisis. Pattern?) December was incredibly awesome, so it makes sense for January to suck.

Things that are making Kristian sad:

  • the thought of leaving in September
  • the thought of not leaving in September
  • a paper I refuse to start
  • a muscle injury
  • the thought of being sad
  • things in general

Things that can make Kristian happy:

  • chocolates
  • bananas and papayas
  • jogging
  • an extended cold spell
  • travel
  • nerdy conversations
  • showbiz conversations (preferably about Gretchen E. or other female celebrities on my blogroll)
  • any conversation actually
  • sleeping all day
  • Eva Fonda in flesh and blood before me right now
  • And lastly, of course, Jollibee! Bee happy!

But maybe it’s just the heat. I would like to hope so.

Kate’s nips

27 01 2009

Oscar Films Update #3:

Milk. A well-made, commercial biopic of the first openly gay man to hold an elected position in the US. It’s hard to reconcile that Gus Van Sant is also responsible for last year’s sublime and more cinematically ambitious Paranoid Park. 8.5/10

Frost/Nixon. The only Ron Howard film I ever liked thus far. Langella is phenomenal as Nixon. 8.5/10

Doubt. It features the best living actors, some smart writing and lovely cinematography. Somehow, these are not enough to elevate Doubt from mediocrity. 7/10

The Reader. Kate Winslet (and her nipples! again!) is the only reason to watch this shallow and emotionally opaque romance-cum-Holocaust film. 6.5/10

The films in the running for this year’s Oscars are, to say the least, underwhelming.


26 01 2009

“No, no. It’s because.” – 10cc, I’M Not In Love (in Tagalog, “Hindi no. Kasi naman.”)

This is too funny.

Unrequited love can be a ‘killer’

Lovesickness can kill and should be taken more seriously as a legitimate diagnosis, according to health experts….

Prof Alex Gardner, a clinical psychologist in Glasgow and a member of the British Psychological Society, agreed that doctors needed to be more aware of lovesickness as a possible diagnosis.

He said: “People can die from a broken heart.

“You get into a state of despair and hopelessness.”

He said as a result of love, in some people it could lead to an extreme state of physical exhaustion….

Dr Tallis said that before the 18th Century lovesickness had been accepted as a natural state of mind for thousands of years.

He said in modern day terms the symptoms can include mania, such as an elevated mood and inflated self-esteem, or depression, revealing itself as tearfulness and insomnia.

Aspects of obsessive compulsive disorder can also be found in those experiencing lovesickness, such as preoccupation and obsessively checking for text messages and e-mails.

Lovesick losers. Clearly this is not my problem.

And yes, why not another video? Nothing beats the slow, drifting and extremely sarcastic 70s original but since Youtube has been acting up lately, we settle for Olive’s hipper version.

Maps (Wait…)

25 01 2009

“My dear dear dear khalana, I talk too much about you. Their ears are getting tired from me singing all the night through.” – Animal Collective, The Purple Bottle.


Words of encouragement to self: quit whining, suck it up and stop blaming others. Sheesh. But really, why do people have to suffer unnecessarily? How can brief innocent moments cause so much chronic emotional pain. Is it all worth it? Cue melancholic piano music. What good does posting this entry here do? Is world peace possible? Does life exist on Mars? Will the world end in 2012 as the Mayans predicted? Will Filipinos finally get to know who Gretchen Espina is? Difficult questions.

Edit: This may provide some answers. Turns out I match three personality types: The Thinker/The Observer, The Romantic/The Artist, and The Peacemaker (or alternatively: often cold, sometimes emo, and always passive). Maybe.

Bits of inconsequential things

21 01 2009

“One single night with you little [insert any name here] is worth a thousand with anybody.” – Julie Delpy, Waltz for a Night (from Before Sunset)


  1. Turns out my new life motto, which¬† is “Who cares?” (alternatively known as “I don’t give a flying fuck.” “Paki ko.” and “Kebs.”), has so far proven very useful in most things.
  2. I’m sick with the travel bug again and I can’t seem to stay put. I need to travel soon. Or I’ll die.
  3. I want to eat fish so badly. And papaya too. And tofu. And lettuce.
  4. Still cannot jog due to a strained shin muscle. Also, The Shins song Kissing the Lipless is love.
  5. The new Animal Collective record is out. I am salivating.
  6. Life was so much more colorful with drama. Can’t believe I’m missing it!
  7. I’m giving up alcohol. I’m too cool for this shit. (Please punch me in the nose or kick me in the nuts if you see me drink again!)
  8. Yep, another one for you: