20 08 2009

The move to a new, more permanent home is finally making my blood run again and is slowly thawing the icy detachment I’ve maintained since I got here. Attending to the lesser urgent household matters with trips to specialty stores and groceries (where I saw Jufran, Silver Swan, Ligo and Knorr Sinigang Mix) has made me, for a while at least, a little homesick. HEB is very nice but it’s no clap-clap-happy-to-serve SM Hypermarket.

College Station is slowly beginning to come to life after having arrived here on the eve of a very hot and humid summer break weekend when the campus was devoid of people. I’ve also discovered other good places to eat (best burritos in the world is in Texas) though still looking for a cool place to hang out. College Station is a nice (if a bit typically boring American) small city with quiet neighborhoods and some parks. I just wished there were more outdoor opportunities and it was a little cooler (in both senses).

Although living there costs a fortune and the state finances are in disarray, I would definitely choose to move to beautiful San Francisco Bay Area in a heartbeat. Proof.

I’m not sure if I would want this current zombie disposition to go away completely. There may be an absence of excitement and care but at least there is little nostalgic introspection and no more trace of that nonsense business of the past months (so yeah, there we go again). Anyhow, keep reading and stay in touch y’all (I’m actually slowly picking up that drawl).




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