25 08 2009

One of the few good things about scorching summers is that you can place frozen chicken out in the balcony and expect them to defrost in a couple of minutes. So while I’m waiting for the Texas summer to do just that, I’ll write an entry.

I feel fortunate to have met a community of Pinoy grad students here in College Station and one couple in particular has been invaluable in helping me settle down. It’s like having parents here, and that’s always a good thing. After the 7pm Mass, I also struck a conversation with a guy who happened to be a dorm mate in Narra back in 2001. I vaguely remember him as one of the Narra regulars who would intimidate newbies and rarely seen dormers. He described me to the fellow Pinoys as one of the quiet ones who were especially difficult to bully because I was never affected and didn’t really care. One point for kebsists.

ETA: After three hours of preparations, the chicken adobo plus rice and lettuce and orange juice meal is finished finally. And although salty (too much Silver Swan soy sauce), it turned out quite delicious. I’m so proud of myself. I think I like cooking now. Next up: pasta!

Meanwhile, we all know how geographers never underestimate the power of distance. I know I don’t. [Insert unspoken histrionic statement here.]

But you just look away in the distance

-Tori Amos, China




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