29 02 2008

Caught sight of the infamous former First Lady a few hours ago prior to dinner at the Bahay ng Alumni. Her face was powdered white and she wore her green dress with regal poise and grace. I was totally starstruck.

Journeyed to northwestern Luzon over the weekend. First stop: surfing at San Juan, La Union. Here is me in various attempts at not embarrassing myself.

I think I did moderately well and I would’ve enjoyed it more had I not been too eager to please my Manny-look-alike instructor. Even in surfing, I can be such a nerd. But oy, another possibly expensive hobby. Also, I was told my surfing skills was featured on a photo in the Feb 24 Sunday edition of the Inquirer. Someone send me a copy!

Climbed Baguio for the festival with flowers in the afternoon and the city was in total chaos. I was never a fan of Baguio, maybe because of the disillusionment that comes with its claim as a relaxing City of Pines with cool, fresh air (none of these is true, except maybe for the term ‘City’). During the trip, I saw Baguio as kind of a cooler, hipper Quiapo with good places to eat, and this actually gave me a renewed appreciation for the sprawling mountain city of half a million people.

Showbiz people:

Kimerald (She waved at me!!)

Barbara Sta. Maria-Lacson and Jomari of Pops

Melanie Marquez was here. No kidding.

In possibly less happy matters, I finally received a first comment regarding my thesis and it was a mixture of mostly positive and strangely negative news. It was supposedly a ‘solid’ research, but it was apparently ‘bloodless’. How do you fix a ‘bloodless’ thesis??? Wrist-slitting over the title page? Transfusion? Rosa Rosal?