3 03 2009

And I know I have been driven like the snow
But this is cooling faster than I can
This is cooling faster than I…

-Tori Amos, Cooling

Ilocos is nothing short of breathtaking. Clear skies, blue seas, crashing waves, lush fields, clean towns, good food, grand churches, rich history – a photographer’s wet dream. Attempts at giving justice to this beautiful part of Luzon.

Bangui wind farm

Paoay church

Five thoughts:

1. Saud Beach is lovely. I want to stay in Pagudpud for the rest of the summer and be gloriously unproductive.

2. Bumabata. I may probably possess some possible potential at being maybe good at billiards. Finally, a ‘sport’ other than scrabble that loves me.

3. Sausage fest. I ate pork for the first time in three months (yes, this is important, breaking news that everyone needs to know). But not even Vigan longganisa dipped in Ilocos vinegar can convince me to eat pig or cow again.

4. Watermelons. Recently saw Tsai’s 2005 film The Wayward Cloud where, among other things, characters suddenly burst into campy musical numbers, and where watermelons are used in ingenous ways to make a porn shoot more interesting. Pinkish, watery fruit will never be the same.

5. Cooling. Although this has been cooling faster than I can, I am in no hurry to let go of this absurdity and move forward. This type of silliness doesn’t come too often. The last time that approximates this magnitude happened about a decade ago (and even then it was too complicated to be any fun). I’m set to face the most taxing four years of my life in a few months, so why waste time stressing now? I need to parteh! Governor Vi, come on tell me please, where’s the parteh?