Three in one plus one

26 04 2009

Yesterday, we explored the northeast corner of Laguna. After wading in ankle-deep streams and crossing muddy fields in a Siniloan barangay (for a research project and yes we are serious), we lunched at the Beatles Place in Pakil, photographed the town’s picturesque church, and visited the HQ of a geography field class (where I devoured two luscious mangoes).

Then we hurried to the quaint town of Paete as the dark sky started threatening. We walked around the narrow streets, saw artisans with their trade, bought fried cassava drowned in delicious spicy-garlicky vinegar, and sipped beer from a plastic container with straw. The beautiful church facade, like that of Pakil, still did not prepare us for the wonderfully ornate (and golden) interior. The drive home across scenic landscapes was rainy, and we stopped more than once to buy mangoes and furniture from roadside stores.

Today was graduation day and seeing so many former students finishing college reminded me again of aging. There were 18 summa cum laude, 190 magna cum laude and 800ish cum laude graduates. During our time it was 4, 80 and 400, respectively. If I were born 6 years later, things would’ve probably been so much different. But then again, nothing beats the experience of growing up during the That’s Entertainment days and I would never give that up for anything. In other news, I was seated very close to someone from 2005 and I was expecting it to be Jan 2007 again but thankfully there was nothing. By this analogy, Jan 2009 will be completely nothing by around April 2011 (maybe much earlier). And that’s like next week when you’re in your mid-20s, so it’s not too bad.

Tomorrow, I’m getting immunization shots for measles, rubella, mumps, diphtheria and polio. I guess my two upper arms will have to hurt.