Kangkong belacan

17 02 2009

From the trip to Kota Kinabalu I bring home shirts, magnets, Malaysian grocery items, eight haiku and a potential flu. Malaysia may be too sanitized for my taste but the four days were very enjoyable. Food was excellent every meal (especially the seafood!). The ubiquitous presence of warm Filipinos (Sabah is Philippines after all) made things a little less stressful. Sabah may not be particularly picturesque but it has its unique charms. Mt. Kinabalu, the tallest mountain in Southeast Asia and the youngest non-volcanic mountain in the world, is unspectacular at first glance but has a magical aura that grows on you. The white-sand islands were relaxing and well-managed. Everything in Malaysia is well-managed. I like order but I love chaos.

The clogged nose and heavy lungs are killing me. Maybe a haiku or two would help me feel better. Methinks I need some good old mwahugzzz right now.

Maps (#44)

Prophecies have drawn
Neural maps of my wasteland
Cruel April will pass

Whys (#47)

Freeways and airspace
Clog with a traffic of whys
City ignores me

Well, that was cheery.