30 01 2012

Skip through the first pages of posts (or through much of 2009) and you’ll see I’m not really a passive-aggressive, emotionally immature whiner.

Maybe I should blog again to redeem myself.



New Site!

28 03 2011

This shit is bananas!


9 04 2010

I guess I have outgrown this thing, this Leopold Bloom thing. The sunburnt Ulysses is retiring.

Orchids and prosthetic legs

14 02 2010

I only saw Syndromes and a Century once, and it was more than enough for me to declare it an all-time favorite. Re-watching it today made me dive further deeper into its layers of subtleties. This scene, for instance, seemed innocent enough upon first viewing but is nonchalantly heartbreaking. When Dr. Toey says “It’s all crushed. It’s completely crushed,” we know she’s not really talking about the orange.

And of course, the wonderfully strange opening and ending:

Road kill

7 02 2010

Today, I defied College Station’s coercive imposition of immobility on me by braving its pedestrian-unfriendly streets on the way to the cinemas. Got to see An Education, a moderately entertaining film, for three and a half bucks, so no complaints from me. This recently discovered cinematic accessibility, along with the pockets of coolness in the historic downtown, has resuscitated my dying hopes of searching for fun in this town.

And yesterday, those Texas ribs…My goodness!

Weird beards. Germans.

24 01 2010

Today, I read key writings of Hegel, Marx and Engels, and Adorno and Horkheimer of the Frankfurt School for a political ecology class. My brain hurt and my nose gushed, but it was fun in a nerdy, masochistic kind of way.

Orca bitte

20 01 2010

I wish I could post something here not related to stories of academic orgasm or to whiny complaints about how overworked I’ll be this semester. Then again, what else is there to write about?

Vampire Weekend’s new release became only the 12th indie album to debut at number one in the Billboard 200 charts. From their first album:

And Dirty Projectors weirdness love.

Afropop-influenced indie seems to be the trend these days. Pretentious Ivy Leaguers (but they are awesome!).