A Hundred Toasts

9 01 2008

I know I should be pressing words here, but pictures are more than enough. Let’s celebrate! UP is turning a 100 this year!



3 01 2008

Lantern Parade Photos (including paparazzi shots of Rica Peralejo!!!)

Bicol Shots (attempts at macro)

Now, I need to finish my thesis.

Twelfth Month

2 12 2007

Temperature dipped to twenty degrees yesterday and we’re barely even in December! December will always be: Christmas, Christmas parties, birthdays, birthday parties, cold early mornings, lights, malls, bonuses, Lantern Parades, ‘whenever I see girls and boys…’, ninongs, inaanaks, holdapers, early sunsets, snow!

In other news, some photos:

CSWCD library was closed today so I went and took pictures instead.

I love power lines! CSWCD power lines!

Way to the Lagoon

Benches across Melchor Hall

White trees near the ampitheater

Token Oblation sunset shot

From another angle

Stratus clouds (signs of atmospheric stability, the layered form is due to the air parcel’s resistance to buoyancy, oy)

Mall parking lot after Pryor’s birthday celebration. Great setting and poses but blurred photos because my hands were tipsy!

Random shot of paper butteflies at Gateway